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Aqua Salveo

50ml Human Glove

Recommended retail price - R89.00

Aqua Salveo

5L Human Glove

Recommended retail price - R3500.00

AQUA SALVEO Human Glove Hand Sanitizer

Aqua Salveo

Human Glove Hand Sanitizer is a revolutionary alcohol free protective gel that forms an anti-bacterial glove on the hands in under a minute and remains active for 4 -7 hours.

The HUMAN GLOVE is a tried and tested product that has been selling successfully for 11 years. It also protects against the Corona Virus, including Covid 19, along with 150 other bacteria, virus, fungi and spores threads.

The HUMAN GLOVE is a transparent gel, which comes in a 50ml bottle – effectively one month’s supply. It contains no alcohol or ethanol, chlorine, or other skin damaging chemicals. It is SABS approved, and have several other international standards accreditations (eg. CE, RVE, etc). It is used by the UN, World Vision, and other global entities. Manufactured an ISO 9000 accredited facility. It is completely non-toxic to humans and animals, and biodegradable. It allows the skin to breath and perspire naturally (unlike latex gloves) and is not sticky or oily to the touch.


Additional uses:

  • Clean shower walls – no athlete’s foot.
  • Apply before changing nappies.
  • Wash hair – lice and ringworm.
  • Use instead of alcohol based sanitizer.

Suitable for: 

  • Personal protection against Covid 19.
  • Persons sensitive / allergic to alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Schools – Teachers and learners.
  • Manufacturing and Services Industry – any environment that could result in possible skin damage.
  • Health Industry – Doctors and individuals in the medical field. 
  • Commercial – Bathrooms used by employees and clients.
  • Food Industry – During preparation and packaging.
  • Home based care workers.
  • Cashiers and people working with money.
  • Safety and First Aid Management.
  • Disaster Management. – Paramedics & Travelers.

Quality matters - Aqua Salveo

  • Carries the SABS 1827 mark for use in the food industry
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 production facility
  • Tested by SANAS accredited Laboratories
  • Complies with European Union Safety Legislation (CE CODE 2756)
  • An International Trade Centre Vendor (ID: 36705 – Level 1)

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