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Solar Portable Power Station – 1000 W / 2400 Wh


  • Exceptional quality – Lithium-ion battery provides a huge 2400 Watt-Hour (Wh) of battery capacity
  • Strong aluminium alloy rugged design – weighs 23 kg
  • Flexible and powerful output to cover all requirements – 110V/220 AC (1000W) / 12V DC output (120W) / 4 x USB output
  • Type C output – 45W output with built in power delivery to power laptop and other USB C enabled devices
  • Quick and easy recharging – Supplied AC charger and optional solar charging (up to 500W for fast charging)
  • Back lit LCD panel provides accurate and detailed information on both input and output power
  • Solar charging compatible that lets you plug in up to 500W solar array without external controller
  • USB ports for mobile charging and powering USB devices
  • Built in Multi safety protection – 5 levels that include short circuit, overload and over-temperature and error code reporting
  • Included Accessories : AC charger and solar cable (MC4 compatible)


  • Off-grid and remote power generation when used with solar panels
  • Tents / huts to power fridge, coffee machine, lighting, TV, water kettle, hairdryer, etc.
  • Camps
  • Street vendors stalls
  • Exhibition stands to power lights, laptop, payment machine
  • Power for electronic devices and variety of appliances
  • Power tools
  • Remote CCTV and security surveillance
  • Back up and emergency power during power outage
  • Portable power for relief and rescue workers
  • Service engineers, field crews
  • Diesel/gasoline generator replacement particularly in noise and emissions sensitive areas

AC adapter charger : 42V/160W
Solar Charging: Max input power 500W. Max PV current 10A
MPPT (solar) input voltage : 16-60Vdc
Output Voltage (Inverter) : 110/220V 50/60Hz Pure Sine Wave through 2 x sockets
No load consumption : <20W
Max efficiency (>70% load power) : 90%
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) : <3%
Output Power Continuous (Inverter) : 1000W
Output Power Overload (Inverter) 1000W-1200W : 2 minutes >1200W : 1 second
Output Voltage (DC) : 1 x 12V DC car socket. Regulated @ 12.2V (+ or – 1V)
USB Output x 4 : 5V @ 3.00A per pair
USB Type C output :5V-20V/2/25A (default 5V) 45W
Dimensions : 494 x 165 x 365mm (H)
Battery Brand: LG
Battery Capacity : 14.8V @ 162Ah (2400 Watt Hour)
Weight : 22Kg
Operating temperature range : Charging 0 to 40 Deg C / Discharging -20 to 60 Deg C

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