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Factory Warranty

HUMLESS guarantees that all products do not have any problem with material or design. If any workmanship defect is proven by HUMLESS to be attributable to a material or design fault of the product when under normal use, the warranty will provide repair services or replacement with equivalent equipment for any part of the product. The repaired or replacing item(s) under the warranty will be treated as they were sold by HUMLESS and have same functions with those in new products (replacements may be a refurbished product or contain furbished materials).

Duration of Warranty
HUMLESS offers a 6 months Warranty, from date of purchase on the Hummless Go Solar 40.

Exclusions to Warranty Coverage: This warranty does not cover any damage due to improper use.

Warranty claims and returns for Humless products that was procured through Key Distribution:

  • When a product has a quality problem or failed the product can be returned to Key Distribution after completing the online warranty request form ( The Customer will be responsible for the shipping costs for all warranty claims.
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